At Scarborough Universal Taekwondo, we have rotating schedule of instructors, so you can benefit from each instructors’ teaching style and field of expertise. Our instructors are all accredited with the international body for taekwondo, Kukkiwon.

instructor-stuartHead Instructor Stuart Argus, 5th dan black belt

Stuart has been training in taekwondo for nearly 20 years and teaching for over 10 years. He teaches most of our regular classes, with the rest split between the other instructors. Outside of taekwondo, Stuart is a teacher at the nearby Churchlands Senior High School which many of our students attend.

IMG_0121Terry Larson, 5th dan black belt

Terry is our most senior black belt. He’s been training in taekwondo for more than 35 years and also has experience in mixed martial arts (MMA).

IMG_0060Rachel Argus, 4th dan black belt

Rachel has been training in taekwondo for nearly 20 years and is also the club’s administrator.

IMG_0121Jeff Hitchins, 5th dan black belt

Jeff is a highly experienced self defence expert, with a huge knowledge of locks, take-downs and defences against grabs and holds.